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Zombie Bloodbath 3: Undead Armageddon

So, here I found myself snooping about the ZAGG site looking for a film that isn’t listed in the reviews that I have stashed away in my collection. In other words, I was bored and figured I could entertain myself and help the site out at the same time. I scanned through the list of films reviewed and to my absolute horror; I find that Zombie Bloodbath 3: Undead Armageddon has somehow not been reviewed. I ask myself, “How can such a classic be missed?” Like any good staff member, I decided to toss it in the VCR and do a review.

Tagline: The Undead Will Devour You!!!

Plot: The film begins in the future, where a group of soldiers are rounding up zombies and loading them into a containment device that is to be picked up by a spacecraft. The spacecraft is to be sent into space so the pesky living dead can be disposed of and no longer be a problem. After the craft is launched, we are given the opportunity to hear a group of soldiers, aptly named Fulci, Raimi, and Mattei discuss the destination of the craft and find out that the zombies were created for warfare and got out of hand.

We then see the spacecraft, which looks astonishingly like a modern space shuttle, pick up the containment device and travel through what I can only guess is supposed to be a black hole.

The film brings us to modern times. A group of students is being kept after school for detention with the principal, Principal Gordon in charge of them. The detention crew consists of a metalhead type troublemaker, a couple of the trendy kids, and a couple others, who seem quite forgettable from the start.

Principal Gordon has to leave to let the two students, Travis and Skillet who do the school radio show into an office to use the equipment. The two somehow pick up when they thing is a homing signal on the school’s equipment. The radio station students decide they need to investigate the signal. They run across an acting class who has two guest speakers, a couple blaxploitation film type action heroes named Mack Brazzle and Durville Sweet.
Travis and Skillet begin exploring the school in search of the signal and locate a sub-basement in the school. The signal seems to be coming from that area. Travis and Skillet manage to enlist the aid of Brazzle and Sweet. The detention crew sees the actors and decides they should follow them.

The exploration continues and the group comes across a space shuttle in the school’s sub-basement. Within the shuttle, they find a cryogenic chamber with a robotically enhanced man inside. While leaving the area of the space shuttle, zombies begin to attack and chaos ensues as the zombies make their way to the upper levels of the school.

I suppose that pretty much covers the story. I hate to go on and give away integral plot sections that might ruin the film for you. OK. That was sarcasm.

Zombies: The first thing that comes to mind is the zombie inconsistencies. That’s one that always gets to me. Sorry, but I do like my zombie movies to offer one type of zombies unless they can explain otherwise. This one has mostly shamblers, who seem to be quite mindless. Then, another zombie is introduced. This one speaks and seems completely intelligent. A third type is then introduced in the film; a cyborg zombie. Yes, a cyborg zombie. I said it. Well, if anything, that might be a point for originality.

Gore: Anyone who knows Todd Sheets’ films knows he loves buckets of blood in his zombie flicks. This one is no different. There are buckets of gore throughout this film. None of it is too realistic, but the shear amount made me forget that we are not dealing with professional FX folks here at times. Overall, it is far from convincing, but it finds its mark in being excessive.

Final Thoughts: I cannot recommend this film for everyone. It is definitely not for everyone. For people who are seriously into campy B movies or the zombie subgenre, I think this is a movie worth owning. It has a terrible plot, bad acting, and unbelievable action. Otherwise, it is a relatively entertaining film. Hell, I’ve watched my copy a few times. Those interested in purchasing a copy of this film should hold off as ei independent cinema will be releasing Zombie Bloodbath 3 and other Todd Sheets films on DVD and they will mostl likely be in double or triple releases. Otherwise, this one might be difficult to track down. Sorry. I don't recall where I got mine offhand.

Written, produced, and directed by Todd Sheets


Abe Dyer
Brian Travis

Curtis Spencer
Steve 'Skillet' Jones

Blake Washer

Jolene Durrill

Jen Davis

Ruth Gordon

Phil Wymore

Jenni Geigel

Rico Love
Mack Brazzle

Antwoine Steele
Durville Sweet

Byron Nichodemus
Principal Gordon

Jeff Dylan Graham
Agent Raimi

John Bain
Sgt. Fulci

Will Crews
Officer Mattei

Ari Bavel
Behemoth Zombie

Reviewed by HatefulDisplay (Ron Clark)


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