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Feast of the Funky Disco Zombies-2003

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Synopsis: OK, this is a very innovative way for the dead to return to life. A rap "artist" named Strizzy K releases a new single titled, "Baby, Freak My Kizzerp" using samplings from some occult disco songs from the seventies. As the song gains popularity and gets played across the continent, the zombies start to rise to consume human flesh.

Seven friends are holed up in an apartment, waiting for the National Guard to clear their community. Whe a zombie gets into their apartment, the friends decide to flee to a safer location. They choose a worm farm, which happened to be a disco club in the seventies.

Gore: There were a few gruesome killings in this film. Unfortunately, the lighting and camera FX change during most of these scenes, taking away what gorehounds might be looking for in this film. There are a couple of good after-shots of killings. This might make up for a little of the actual death scene FX to some.

Zombies: The zombies look decent. They shamble and eat flesh. They talk, which might turn some people off. Most of the words used by the zombies are seventies disco-type slang. The zombies do some disco moves as well.

Lighting: The lighting was pretty good in most of this film, aside from a few scenes. Overall, I feel they did well in that department.

Score: The film's score isn't bad. Some of the music fits the mood of the scenes. Other areas include techno and disco music. Overall, I have to say the score works for this movie.

Cartoon clips: This bothered me a bit. There were a few parts in the film in which zombie cartoon clips were spliced into the film. Much like House of the Dead, it didn't work for this film either.

DVD Extras: The DVD includes film outtakes, trailer, and the video for "Baby, Freak My Kizzerp."

Overall, this is not a bad watch for some one looking for an amusing horror film and something that zombie enthusiasts might want to acquire.

Review by hatefuldisplay (Ron Clark).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review. I directed/edited this film (although the credits are inaccurate, as the listed director was actually our hardworking producer!) and intentionally seeded it with CG simply to be cruel. I spent no more than 10 minutes on each CG sequence in Poser to ensure that the quality of the image ended with what you see in the film. Other fun facts about Feast of the Funky Disco Zombies-

The outtakes clips are where the love comes out. Joel really racked his elbow up sliding down the stairs, and the fake blood in the insect sprayer was tempura paint, provided by Quinton. I'm sure it tasted nasty. That's my voice you hear as Mr. Strut (the main zombie). I believe a few times during the film you can hear our producer (Quinton) shouting at the cast to quiet down. Very good at crowd control, that guy. Cheers, KW

10:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There was water mixed with the Tempra Paint, so it wasn't tooooo bad.

Everyone involved with the project worked very hard, spent a lot of time, and gave a lot of themselves for this project.

This was a labor of love!


2:00 PM  
Anonymous Jeff Coghlan said...

Have you seen the game Attack of the funky disco zombies?

6:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

they stole our concept. But it's flattering!


2:16 AM  

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