Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Choking Hazard-2004

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Anyone who thinks the Japanese are the only ones that make crazy movies should think again! Choking Hazard is one crazy zombie (or woombie!) movie from the Czech Republic!

The story is about a group of people that meet at an hotel in the middle of nowhere, to attend a course on the meaning of life, and then the zombies attack. Or more correctly Woombies - Woodsmen Zombies!

This has a bit of everything, a blind philosophising zombie, kung-fu zombies, a Jehovah’s witness porn star(!) even break dancing zombies! It’s just a stupid movie, but in a fun get the beers in kind of way!
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The gore hounds amongst us should be kept happy as there is a fair amount of blood and brains flung about right from the start. The gore and jokes do a good job of covering up any faults in the acting, which to tell the truth isn’t that bad. This is a B-Movie and proud of it.

The only real problem I had with this flick (and it’s only a minor one) is that nothing is really explained (mindless psycho-babble aside). Why are there zombies everywhere all of a sudden? Was there a virus? Who knows, and who in all honesty really cares! You’re going to watch this for laughs, blood, guts and zombies. That’s it, nothing else!

Turn your brain off (leave a little on though for the subtitles), kick back and enjoy the show!

Director : Marek Dobes
Writer : Stepan Kopriva

3 and ½ voodoo dolls

(Courtesy of my good self and Joe Horror magazine!)

Review by Pain (Jude Felton).


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